Sevdah Metal



Record label: Lion Music -
Release year: 2008

1. Forspil (intro)
2. Devils in Disguise - sample
3. World Set on Fire
4. Skies and Oceans - sample
5. Sevdah Metal Rhapsody
6. Stand and Fight - sample
7. Endless Pain - sample
8. Hora Martisorului (instrumental)
9. Land of The Dark
10. You

Released March 21st

Emir Hot – All Guitars and Bass.
John West – Vocals
Mike Terrana - Drums

Additional musicians:

Choir section: Daniela Hot, Mayte Torres, Hugh Neil, Jennifer Dale, Cagri Cerkez, Rachel Button, Weisan Au Yeung, Rasmus Bom Andersen, Luis Javier Garcia Molino, Ivana Dzalo, Anita Gudelj-Velaga, Ivan Spar, Dean Clea Brkic, Emir Hot

Accordion on tracks 3, 4, 5 by Muhamed Sehic – Hamic
Accordion on track 5 (2:34 – 2:58) by Anto Filipovic

Saz – intro on track 5 by Avdija Agusi

12 string and nylon string guitars on track 5 (5:55 – 7:08) by Atila Hajdarevic – Miko and Adnan Perisic - Pero

Guitar solo on track 5 (5:20 – 5:37) by Muris Varajic
Guitar solo on track 5 (5:37 – 5:54) by Misha Nikolic

Orchestration on track 5 by Misha Nikolic

Keyboard solos on tracks 3, 9, 10 by Brandon Morris

Piano on track 7 by Miralem Osmic

Piano and keyboards on tracks 5 and 6 by Bruno Matijasevic

Female vocals on track 10 by Charlie Squire

Additional programming by Emir Hot



Produced and arranged by Emir Hot

Tracks 2,3,4,6,7,9,10 written by Emir Hot

Track 1 – Bosnian traditional intro melody (used in many traditional songs), unknown composer

Track 5 – medley of traditional central and eastern Balkan songs

Track 8 written by Romanian violin maestro Grigoras Dinicu

All lyrics written by Emir Hot

Recorded at “Monster Trax Studio”, London, UK  (June – October 2007) by Misha Nikolic

Saz and acoustic guitars on track 5 recorded in Tuzla – Bosnia and Herzegovina (July 2007) by Ferid Hukic

Accordion on tracks 3, 4, 5 recorded in Germany (September 2007) by Muhamed Sehic – Hamic

Piano and keyboards on tracks 5, 6 and choir on track 9 recorded at studio “Deva”, Split – Croatia (October 2007) by Dean Clea Brkic

Mixed at studio “Deva”, Split – Croatia (October 2007) by Dean Clea Brkic, assisted by Dado Marusic

Mastered by Dado Marusic

Cover art and graphic design by Luka Skalabrin –

Photos of Emir Hot by Mayte Torres
Photos of John West by Dana Merkur

Mike Terrana uses:
Ddrum, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Attack Drum Heads, Trick V 1 bass drum Pedals, Danmar Bass Drum protector pads




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